Lead Distribution Software

After the effort to generate leads for a specific vertical, the next step is delivering or distributing those captured leads to your prospective buyers. There are many forms of lead distribution including real-time email, real-time HTTP post/get, real-time XML post, real-time SOAP post, batch email and batch FTP.

Most of the real-time delivery options are considered host and post. Your lead buyers will provide you with posting instructions to send leads to their lead management system, loan management system or CRM. When the lead is posted into your buyer’s system, it will determine if they are interested in purchasing the lead from you.

The decision process is typically based on a few factors including determining if the lead is unique to their system, if the price requested is within their fair market value assessment, or in the event your buyer is a broker, whether the lead broker was able to sell the lead to any of their buyers.

Once their lead system has made a decision, their server will return a real-time response indicating whether they have accepted or rejected the lead delivered. In the event their system has accepted the lead and you have agreed to exclusive rights to the lead then the process ends there. In the event they have rejected the lead or you have agreed that they are receiving shared/non-exclusive leads, then the process will continue.

In the realm of lead distribution there are additional delivery options. Some vertical and or clients may request you ping their server with specific values of the lead such as a phone number or monthly income. Using the ping/post method protects the lead seller from exposing the complete lead and allows the buyer to determine if the lead is a duplicate and/or how much they are willing to pay for the lead.

Another common method in the Payday Lead vertical is called a ping tree. This process enables lead generators to setup tiered pricing for the leads generated. They will start trying to sell the lead at the top tier and work their way down until a buyer is found. When the lead is sent over to the lender’s loan management system, they have special algorithms in place to determine if they would like to service the loan requested.

Lead Capsule was built specifically to service all of the lead distribution methods used in today’s market. Lead may be delivered using ordered delivery, highest bidder, round-robin, skills-based routing and filtered distribution. No matter the lead vertical, client system or distribution parameters, Lead Capsule may be configured to support your business needs.