Auto Responder


Stay in touch with your leads by using lead capsule auto responders. Configure personalized email messages for web forms, vendor campaigns and even when you sell a lead to a client. You may also opt to send your lead a SMS message.

Key Benefits

  • Choose when to send an auto responder – An auto responder can be sent when a lead is accepted on a web form, vendor campaign or client campaign. You choose what part of the lead process to send it on or send one when a lead is accepted from your web form or vendor campaign and when a lead is sold to a client campaign.

  • Choose which Email Address to Send from – Full control over the Email address the auto responder comes from, allowing for a personal touch.

  • Custom Subject Lines and Email Body – The subject line and Email body can be fully customized to your needs. With the ability of tokens, you can send personalized Emails that use lead data. For example: You can start your message with “Dear John”, where John is the first name of the lead. A full HTML editor is provided for the message body.

  • SMS – Send a fully customizable SMS message to your lead. Up to 160 characters are allowed with the use of tokens to personalize the message.


Auto Responder - Vendor Campaign
Vendor Campaign
Auto Responder - Web Form
Web Form
Auto Responder - Client Campaign
Client Campaign
Auto Responder-SMS