Email Verification


Lead Capsule real-time Email verification will ensure that, lead's which you purchase or sell, have a valid Email address. Verifying the Email address will reduce the number of bad leads you generate, buy or sell. Lead Capsule Email verification also allows you to append data on the fly.

Key Benefits

  • Real-time - Lead Capsule Email verification is done in real-time.

  • Verify Incoming - Verify the Email address when your applicant fills out a form or when a vendor delivers to you.

  • Verify Outgoing - Verify the Email address before the lead is delivered to your lead buyer. This allows you to filter out bad Email addresses you may have imported into your system.

  • Append Data - Lead Capsule Email verification can provide you with the applicant's age and gender, which can be appended to your lead. 

  • Accept Failed Verifications - Lead Capsule allows you to accept failed Email address verifications. There may be instances where you still want to accept a lead, even though the Email address is not valid.


Vendor Campaign - Email Verification
Vendor Campaign - Email Verification
Client Campaign - Email Verification
Client Campaign - Email Verification
Web Form - Email Verification
Edit Web Form - Email Verification