Lead Forms


Lead Capsule lead forms are a powerful tool for lead generators. Our lead forms can be used on your landing pages, for your vendors to deliver leads to you, or for your call center reps to post leads into your Lead Capsule database, Lead Capsule CRM, or to your clients/buyers. Lead Capsule lead forms can be displayed via a custom link or embedded to your own website with the use of our custom embed code. Using LeadId, Lead Capsule lead forms are fully integrated with LeadId.com. Through custom filtering, and multiple delivery options, your leads can be distributed to the correct recipients.

Key Benefits

  • Build custom lead forms quickly and easily - Lead Capsule can support lead forms with sections, multiple steps, headers and footers, disclaimer text and custom CSS styling. Choose which fields are required and which one are now. 100% control the look and feel of your form by choosing the width of the form and your own background colors, label colors and error message colors.

  • Embedded lead forms - Lead Capsule provides an embed code, for each custom lead form, to allow you to quickly and easily add forms to your own website. Simply place the embed code between the body tags of your web page, and let Lead Capsule take of the rest.

  • Form Sections - Easily separate form fields into sections, with section headers and descriptions, to make it easier for the applicant/call center rep to follow along the form.

  • Form Steps - Lead Capsule lead forms make it easy to create multi-step forms. For example: Ask the applicant about what type car they are looking for, have them click continue, and then ask them for their contact information on the second step.

  • Conditional Logic - If you want to ask the applicant different questions, based on answers they have provided on the form, Lead Capsule provides a simple to use interface to build conditional logic into your forms. For example: Ask the applicant gender specific question, based on if they answered that they are a male or a female. 

  • Prospect Web Forms - Lead Capsule Prospect forms are specifically designed with call centers in mind. When a call center submits a Prospect Form, they will see a listing of all clients/lead buyers that match the lead criteria. They can see any call transfer information, for the clients, and then choose which client to sell and transfer the lead to.

  • Custom filtering - Don't want to accept leads from a certain State, zip code, or only want Male applicants? Lead Capsule allows you to create custom filtering on any field definition you are collecting on your lead form.

  • Lead Verification - Lead Capsule lead verification ensures only verified, good quality leads, are accepted from your lead forms. See our Lead Verification feature page for additional information.

  • LeadId Integration - Lead Capsule lead forms are fully integrated to work with LeadId. Simply copy and paste your LeadId campaign key, select your TCPA disclosure type, type in your TCPA disclosure text, and let Lead Capsule handle the rest. To learn more about LeadId, visit their website at www.leadid.com

  • Auto Responder - Configure personalized email, or SMS, messages, to go out to the applicant when a lead is accepted. See our Auto Responder feature page for additional information

  • Host & Post - In the event you already have a custom form on your website, or you are supplementing your own leads with leads from vendors or affiliates, you can easily configure to post the data to Lead Capsule via Host & Post. Lead Capsule will capture the lead posted and distribute it to your lead buyers and/or sales team. See our Host & Post feature page for additional information.

  • Accept/Reject Redirect - Configure your custom Lead Capsule lead forms to redirect to a website/web page of your choosing, when a lead is accepted or rejected. This will allow you to display your own thank you or reject page, or redirect to your client's thank you or reject page.

  • Multiple delivery options - Lead Capsule lead forms can be configured to deliver leads in many ways, including:
    • Email
    • HTTP/XML/JSON/SOAP Ping/Post
    • FTP
    • CRM


Lead Generation - Sample CRM Form
Sample CRM Form
Lead Generation - Sample Custom Form - Step 1
Sample Custom Form - Step 1
Lead Generation - Sample Custom Form - Step 2
Sample Custom Form - Step 2
Lead Generation - Sample Section Form
Sample Section Form
Lead Generation - Edit Web Form - General Top
Edit Lead Form - General Top
Lead Generation - Edit Web Form - General Bottom
Edit Lead Form - General Bottom
Lead Generation - Edit Web Form - Selling
Edit Lead Form - Selling
Lead Generation - Edit Web Form - Steps
Edit Lead Form - Steps
Lead Generation - Edit Web Form - Sections
Edit Lead Form - Sections
Lead Generation - Edit Web Form - Layout
Edit Lead Form - Layout
Lead Generation - Edit Web Form - Auto Responder
Edit Lead Form - Auto Responder
Lead Generation - Edit Web Form - Filter
Edit Lead Form - Filter
Lead Generation - Edit Web Form - Verification
Edit Lead Form - Verification
Lead Generation - Edit Web Form - LeadId/TCPA
Edit Lead Form - LeadId/TCPA