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Discover the Power of Lead Capsule's Store Front: Monetizing Aged Lead Data Made Easy!

In today's competitive business environment, your aged lead data holds untapped potential. With Lead Capsule's Store Front, we provide you with a quick and seamless solution to monetize and remonetize your leads. Say goodbye to unutilized data and say hello to new revenue streams.

Don't let your aged lead data go to waste. Add Lead Capsule's Store Front to your existing Lead Capsule subscription for $250.00 per month and quickly discover the power of your existing leads, transforming them into a valuable income source for your business. Unlock new opportunities and secure a prosperous future with your lead data.

Key Features

  • Custom Lead Store Creation – With Lead Capsule's Store Front, you can effortlessly create a custom lead store and direct customers to it from your website. Within a handful of minutes, you can add the Lead Verticals of your choosing while inserting your company's logo and/or custom footer.

  • Versatile Store Skins – Your Lead Capsule Store Front can be styled to match the look and feel of your inserted logo or company's color scheme. Choose from 19 distinct skins in various colors to achieve the perfect integration.

  • Seamless Payment Gateway Integration – Integrate your Lead Store directly with your payment gateway through our diverse payment gateway options. For instance, we can seamlessly connect your PayPal Payments Pro as well as your Authorize.net account, allowing your customers to promptly make payments with major credit cards at the time of checkout. Explore more about payment gateways within our Payment Gateways features page.

  • Tailored Price Points – Configure your Lead Store with multiple price points based on Lead Age, the Number of Times Sold as well as custom filtering on any specific Lead Field Data.

  • Custom Discount Codes – Set your own custom one time or multiple use discount codes with their own expiration dates for flash sales as well as to show loyalty to repeat customers. Discount codes can be assigned to any Lead Vertical and can be set at fixed dollar and/or percentage amount increments. 

  • Flexible Search Options – You have the freedom to choose which fields your customers can search on. For example, you can enable searches by State, Zip Code or even gender while restricting access to phone number as well as email searches.

  • Personalized Lead Previews – Select which lead fields your customers can preview. For instance, you may allow them to view all lead data except for personal contact information until the lead is officially purchased.

    Experience the transformation of your aged lead data into a valuable resource with the Lead Capsule's Store Front product. Maximize the potential of your leads, drive additional revenue and make the most of your older, but still powerful lead data.


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