Vendor Portal


When configuring new lead vendors in Lead Capsule you are given the option to allow them access to the Vendor Portal. Our Vendor Portal provides your vendors with real-time access to view active campaigns, download integration specifications, view leads sold, and various reports. Additionally your clients may download leads sold and upload leads for active campaigns. Uploaded leads will be scrubbed to ensure you are not paying for the same lead twice.

Key Benefits

  • Allows vendors 24/7 access to the leads they have sold you. Vendors can be provided a username, password and a unique link to your vendor portal. The vendor portal can be accessed anywhere they have internet access.
  • Full reporting capabilities. Vendors can see real-time reports on leads sold as well as run hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly reports.
  • Vendors can see all campaigns configured for their company. They can pull ping and post documents, import leads into import campaigns and scrub leads to see which one are unique.
  • Search leads. Vendors can search leads they have sold you and see leads you have returned to them.


Vendor Portal Dashboard
Vendor Portal Dashboard Reports
Dashboard Reports
Vendor Portal My Account
My Account
Vendor Portal My Campaigns
My Campaigns
Vendor Portal Import Leads
Import Leads
Vendor Portal Scrub Leads
Scrub Leads
Vendor Portal Posting Instructions
Posting Instructions
Vendor Portal Search Leads 
Search Leads
Vendor Portal Search Lead Results and Export 
Search Lead Results and Export


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