Host & Post


Lead Capsule allows for easy integration with your custom web forms. With our intuitive campaign configuration, it only takes minutes to generate easy to follow posting instructions to integrate with your website or landing pages. Campaigns can be easily configured to post qualified leads to directly to any system.

Key Benefits

  • Fully Customizable API - Lead Capsule allows you to configure custom host & post campaigns taylored for your landing pages or websites within minutes

  • Posting Specifications - With a click of a button, Lead Capsule will generate easy to follow posting instructions for you, or your web developer, to use in integrating your website or landing pages with Lead Capsule.

  • Custom Filtering - Lead Capsule allows you to create custom filtering on any field definition you are collecting on your websites. Deliver leads the correct leads to your call center, Lead Capsule CRM or to your lead buyers.

  • Multiple Delivery Options - Lead Capsule host & post campaign can be configured to deliver leads in many ways. We are proud of our 100% integration ratio with third party systems. See our Lead Distribution features page for additional information.

  • Lead Verification - Lead Capsule lead verification ensures only verified, good quality leads, are delivered to your call center, LEad Capsule CRM or to your lead buyers. See our 
    Lead Verification feature page for additional information.

  • Auto Responder - Configure personalized email, or SMS messages, to go out to the applicant when a lead is sent to Lead Capsule from your website or landing pages. See our Auto Responder feature page for additional information.