Lead Distribution

Distribute targeted leads in real-time or batch to your clients or your own sales team with no programming required...

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Lead Store

Configure your own custom lead store in minutes and instantly monetize your aged leads...

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Lead Generation

Generate new leads for any lead vertical with unlimitted custom fields and auto responders with a few mouse clicks ...

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Lead Management

Lead Capsule is the premiere software solution for lead management, lead generation, lead aggregation, lead distribution, customer relationship management, affiliate marketing and lead commerce. Buying and selling leads can be difficult to manage; this is especially true when working with multiple verticals. The Lead Capsule lead management system simplifies the management of vendors, clients, and delivers leads quickly and accurately to any CRM. Read more

Lead Distribution

Delivering leads in real-time is critical to high conversion rates; this is amplified when dealing with non-exclusive leads. Lead Capsule ensures the sales force receives the lead in real-time so that every lead and opportunity has the highest chance to convert into a sale. Lead Capsule also offers a CRM product in which leads can be delivered to your agents using SBR (Skills Based Routing). Combining our Lead Management Software (LMS) and CRM will ensure the leads purchased from vendors have higher conversions rates. Read more

Lead Generation

Lead Generation is the first step in the process of the lead life cycle. Lead Capsule enables you to drive targeted traffic to your offers through our affiliate portal. Our dynamic web form feature will help generate qualified leads and provide affiliate tracking for CPA and CPL offers. Additionally vendors can ping/post, bulk upload, post to your ping tree and even have their call center agents post call center verified leads directly into the lead management system. Read more

Lead Commerce

Our lead management system allows you configure an online storefront to sell your lead inventory to the public. Simply upload your logo, select the verticals, preview fields and payment options and you are up and running. Lead Capsule makes it easy to fully monetize all of the leads in your database. Read more

Lead Tracking

Lead Capsule allows you to easily keep track of all of your lead sources. Each of your lead vendors are given unique tracking codes for each of their lead campaigns. These tracking codes will provide you clear visibility as to which vendors are producing the best results for your lead generation efforts.

Lead Aggregation

With Lead Capsule, it is easy to aggregate your leads from various sources to one common format. Our dynamic host & post API coupled with the flexibility of bulk importing and custom web forms provide limitless opportunities for your lead aggregation efforts. Many of our clients have found much success as lead brokers utilizing our lead aggregation software.

Ping Tree

Get the most out of your leads by creating your own ping tree. Lead Capsule supports various configurations to ensure you can fully monetize all of the leads generated and/or aggregated. Payday ping trees may be configured with multiple price tiers and redirect the consumer to a page to complete an E-Signature agreement. Read More

Call Tracking

Our call tracking allows you to track inbound and outbound phone calls either generated from your own marketing efforts or sent from your vendors. Lead Capsule may be configured to capture and store the caller id information, play recordings, capture responses and send SMS text messages. Read more

Call Routing

If you or your vendors generate phone leads, you can easily route them to your internal sales team or sell them to one of your clients. Our call routing technology supports dynamic filters and may be distributed in a specific order or in a round-robin distribution model. Recordings are always available whether you are tracking or routing calls and may be delivered with the data portion of the lead itself. Read more