Lead Aggregation Software

There are multiple lead sources for most of the lead verticals available in the market. Most lead generators have created web sites and/or landing pages to capture the leads. The lead generators use methods such as SEO, PPC, Email Marketing and Affiliate Marketing to drive traffic to these websites.

Once the lead is generated, the lead is delivered to a lead aggregator via host & post who will attempt to sell the lead to their network of lead buyers. Depending on the exclusivity contracts with the lead buyer, the lead will be sold to one or more buyers.

A lead aggregator will typically have multiple lead vendors in order to provide their buyers with various quality leads and maintain the quantity for demand. One of the most challenging aspects of lead aggregation is maintaining the integrity and normalizing of the data.

Most lead buyers have different requirements for accepting leads into their sales CRM or predictive dialer. The lead aggregator must develop their campaigns in a manor so they do not have multiple segments of leads for the same vertical.

Lead Capsule was built from the ground up with lead aggregation in mind. The interface enables you to define your verticals with precision and create custom rules to route the leads to all of your buyers.