Real-Time HTTP Post Delivery

Lead Capsule Real-Time HTTP Post Delivery: Streamlining Lead Delivery for Optimal Results:

Lead Capsule's real-time HTTP Post campaigns provide a seamless solution for delivering leads to your custom HTTP Post campaign or to your Clients / lead buyers. These campaigns offer a range of features, including Lead Caps, Advanced Filters, Custom Daily Schedules, Lead Verification, and Auto Responder while also giving you control over Lead Exclusivity.

Key Benefits:

  • Map Delivery Fields - Quickly map lead fields to third-party systems or lead buyers' APIs. For example, you can effortlessly map a field like FirstName to "First_Name" or Zip to "zip_code".

  • Multi-Field Mapping - Map a single field to multiple fields in your lead buyer's system or API. For example: Pass the a work phone into both the work phone and employer phone with ease.

  • Split Fields - Split values into multiple fields in your lead buyer's system or API. Again, for example: Split a phone number into the Area Code, Exchange, and Line.

  • Format Data - Easily format data to match your lead buyer's requirements. For specific example: Convert phone numbers from 10 digits (##########) to ###-###-#### or (###) ###-####. You can also update Dates from MM/dd/yyyy to yyyy-MM-dd.

  • Custom Rules - Change field data to match your lead buyer's system. For example: You may be collecting Gender as Male or Female, but your lead buyer may want to see M or F. A custom, comma separated mapping rule can be created to easily accomplish something like this.

  • Data Options - Choose to send either the data value or text description for a field with multiple values selection. For specific example: Send either the full state name (i.e., Alabama) or its State code abbreviation (i.e., AL). 

  • HTTP Methods - connect to your, or your lead buyers, system via: POST, GET or PUT.

  • URL Encoding - Fully URL encode your HTTP Post delivery with a simple click of the mouse. 

  • Send Blank Values - Choose to send or not to send fields without values.

  • Post Parameters - Include static posting parameters to each HTTP Post delivery. Examples include: Usernames, Passwords, API Keys, Pricing Tiers, Campaign IDs, etc.

  • Lead Tokens - Pass data about the lead to your lead buyers. Examples include:
    • Lead Id - Pass Lead Capsule's lead identifier, or lead number, to your lead buyer(s)
    • Vendor Id - Pass the Vendor's Id as a Sub or Affiliate Id
    • Create Date - Pass the lead's create date and/or time stamp
    • Now - Pass the current date and/or time
  • Posting Headers - Alter the posting headers, in your HTTP Post delivery. For example: If your lead buyer requires for you to send the Content Type and/or a Username and Password within the HTTP Post headers.

  • Dynamic Accept Response - Lead Capsule is able to read the response, from the HTTP Post delivery, and notate a lead as accepted. Accept responses can be setup as static or dynamic, allowing you to know exactly when a lead is accepted by your lead buyers.

  • Capture Data - You can read the response from the HTTP Post delivery and mark a lead as Accepted. Set up static or dynamic (i.e. regular expressions) accept responses for precise lead conversion tracking. Other capture options include:
    • Lead Id - Capture your lead buyer's lead identifier and store it with each accepted and/or rejected lead
    • Redirect URL - Capture the lead buyer's passed back Redirect URL so that you can, in turn, pass this back to your website or to your Lead Source/Vendor. You can also set the amount of time (in seconds) for which that Redirect URL remains valid.
    • Price - If your HTTP Post delivery campaign is based on dynamic pricing, Lead Capsule can capture the price and update the client lead with the correct purchase price, for each converted / sold lead.
    • Custom Data Value - You can also capture any other data from a third party system or API if your lead buyer returns custom data values while updating the saved the lead data accordingly.
  • Timeouts - Control how long the system waits for a response from your HTTP Post campaign. Leads can be considered rejected if the timeout expires before a specifically set timeout, in seconds.

  • Delivery Capacities (Caps) - Set lead delivery caps based on agreements with your Client / Buyer for total leads delivered within specific timeframes. Lead Cap option restrictions include: Per Minute, Hourly, Daily, Weekly and/or or Monthly caps for Post as well as Prepaid orders.

  • Exclusivity – Control lead exclusivity or the number of times a lead can be shared / sold  to your lead buyers, including how long (in days) they are exclusive. See our Lead Exclusivity features page for additional information.

  • Prepaid Campaigns - Set up your HTTP Post campaigns up as Prepaid, allowing your Buyers / Clients to log into their own Client Portals and make payments or fund their account before lead delivery.

  • Advanced Filtering – Granularly filter leads delivered via HTTP Post on any Verticals' lead field definition. For specific example: "Deliver Gender-Male leads over the Age of 65 within specific geo-targeted or zip code range".

  • Custom Daily Scheduling - Deliver leads based on your lead buyers' preferred daily and/or overnight schedules. See our Scheduling features page for more information.

  • Lead Verification - Ensure the delivery of high quality leads with Lead Capsule's real-time lead verification. See our Lead Verification page for more information around this power, pay per use feature.

  • Auto Responders - Configure personalized Email and/or SMS messages to be immediately sent to the lead / applicant, prepping them for notification of contact from your Lead Buyer / Client. See our Auto Responders feature page for additional information.

  • Notifications - Receive immediate notifications for lead acceptance, rejection, return, or errors during HTTP Post deliveries. Notifications can be sent via Email and/or you can notify an API via a Get URL post. Lead Capsule can also receive notifications from a third party system when a lead is Accepted, Rejected as well as Returned.

  • Deliver Aged Leads in Real-Time -  Do you have Aged Data that you want to deliver to your lead buyers in real-time? Lead Capsule has a streamlined & simple solution to easily configure a HTTP Post campaign to send out your Aged Leads. When delivering aged data, via HTTP Post, Lead Capsule can:
    • Throttle Delivery - Throttle the number of leads sent to your lead buyers, which allows you to trickle the leads to their system instead of sending them all at once.
    • Control Batch Size - Select how many leads or the maximum number of leads are sent, to your lead buyer for each execution.
    • Control Lead Age - Choose the age of the leads that you want to send to your Lead Buyers / Clients. Choose from minimum and/or maximum age in minutes or days.
    • Control Times Sold - Control how many times the leads to be delivered have been previously sold.

      Lead Capsule's real-time HTTP Post delivery empowers you with a plethora of advanced features, ensuring flexibility, customization, and optimal lead delivery efficiency. Elevate your Lead Distribution & Management with these robust capabilities.


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