Bulk Export


If you sell aged leads in bulk, Lead Capsule makes the process extremely simple. Select the vertical, client, filters and price; within seconds your client will receive the data and an invoice in their inbox.

Key Benefits

  • Custom Filtering – Sell only the leads you want to sell, by filtering your export, based on:
    • Lead source - Choose where the lead(s) originated. 
    • Sales  - How many times a lead was sold, who is was sold to or not sold to
    • Dates – Lead create date, purchase date, sold date
    • Data – Filter on any of the lead data. For example: Only pull up all leads in Florida or Georgia
  • Choose Which Fields to Export – You can sell and export all the lead data or just a set of fields. Include system fields, like lead create date, LeadId, Purchase Price, etc.

  • Control Price – Set the price for the leads to be sold. Track profit based on lead purchase price and sale price

  • Lead Delivery – Choose to Email the leads to the client or allow them to access their client portal to download the leads.


Export - Search Criteria
Search Criteria
Export - Search Criteria - Sources
Search Criteria - Sources
Export-Search Criteria Sales
Search Criteria - Sales
Export - Search Criteria - Dates
Search Criteria - Dates
Export - Search Criteria - Fields
Search Criteria - Fields
Export - Search Criteria - Data
Search Criteria - Data
Export-Search Results
Search Results
Export - Sell And Export
Sell And Export