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Lead Capsule's integrated CRM provides an efficient way for you to manage your call center leads. Leads can be delivered to your custom CRM from your vendors, websites, import files, or created on the fly inside the CRM.  Full communication capabilities are available via our softphone, Email or SMS. The CRM portal also offers document templates, integration with Echosign, ands ability to provide agent’s with customizable call scripts.

Key Benefits

  • 24/7 - 365 Access - Allows CRM Users 24/7 access to the CRM portal. CRM users are given their own username and password and your company will have a unique link to your CRM portal. The CRM portal can be accessed anywhere internet access and a web browser is available.

  • User roles - CRM users can be setup as normal users or CRM supervisors. Normal users can access leads which are assigned to them or unassigned leads. CRM supervisors are able to access everyone’s leads.

  • Multiple Lead Verticals - Ability to manage leads in multiple verticals. CRM users can be given access to the CRM portal on a vertical per vertical basis. For example: CRM users can manage Home Insurance or Auto insurance leads, or Yaz and TVM leads in the same CRM portal with simple change of the vertical dropdown selector.

  • Lead Routing - Leads can be funneled into your CRM based on the workflow that you define. Your CRM can be set to only route leads to users that are logged in. It can also be set to accept or reject leads coming in based on a series of filters that you quickly define to ensure that only the leads that you want to purchase/work come into your CRM. Lead caps can also be set and adjusted based on the overall number of leads that you want to work. Lead totals also can be limited into your CRM on a per minute, hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis.

  • Fully Customizable Per Lead Vertical -  Each vertical can have its own configuration of the dashboard display, edit lead window, document templates and agent scripts.

  • Multiple Delivery Options - Leads can be created inside the CRM or delivered to the CRM from your vendors or your own websites. Delivery options include:
    • Easy to configure HTTP Post API
    • Lead Capsule Import
    • Lead Capsule Web Forms
  • Sell Call Verified Leads -Lead Capsule CRM allows your CRM users to call verify leads, then sell them to your lead buyers via many methods of delivery:
    • HTTP Post - Connect to your client's server via HTTP post to deliver the leads
    • Ping/Post - Send your client's server a Ping, with partial lead data, to see who would like to purchase the lead. Give your clients the option to bid on the lead and then deliver the lead to the winning client via their API
    • XML Post - Connect to your client's server via XML post to deliver the leads
    • SOAP Post - Connect to your client's server via XML post to deliver the leads
    • JSON Post - Connect to your client's server via JSON post to deliver the leads
    • Email Delivery - Deliver the lead to your client via an Email, in the Email body
    • Email Ping/Post - Send your clients an Email ping, with partial lead data, to see who would like to purchase the lead. Give your clients the option to bid on the lead and then deliver the lead to the winning client via Email
    • FTP Delivery - Deliver leads to your client's FTP server in a CSV file
  • Document Templates - Each vertical can have as many document templates as you need. Document templates can be used for contracts, information pamphlets about your product(s) or anything else you may need to send to the lead. The templates can be fully personalized with tokens, allowing you to personalize the document with first names, last names, address information, etc. Documents are created as PDFs, which may be Emailed to the customer or saved to your local computer

  • Communications - Receive Emails and SMS messages from applicants/leads and send Email and SMS messages with a click of a button.

  • Activities / Appointments - In addition to being able to set appointments with reminders in your CRM, you can also update any of the activities associated with those appointments as needed. CRM Supervisors also have the ability to add appointments for other users in your CRM whether they are logged in or not.

  • Appointment Reminders - Once logged into the CRM, users will receive splash screen notifications about their upcoming appointments.

  • Bulk Assign Leads - CRM Supervisors have the ability to assign multiple leads within the vertical working in to CRM Users. Leads can be all assigned at once or by selecting several leads at the same time.

  • Assigned Lead Notifications - Logged in CRM Users receive a small pop-up notification that a new lead has been assigned to them just shortly after that lead has been assigned.

  • Color Coat Leads - When configuring your CRM to your vertical, you have the ability to color coat the lead by its defined rating. Both the background of the rated lead as well as its text can be color matched based on your preferences.

  • Lead Stage Actions - Whether a lead is coming into or exiting a lead stage, specific, customizable actions can be defined and executed during your lead's workflow through your CRM. Examples of this include:
    • Emails and/or email attachments can be sent as a lead moves into or out of its lead stage.
    • An action can be set to automatically update the status of your lead as certain activities are completed as your lead moves through its workflow.
    • Also, as your lead moves through its progression of defined stages, it can be set to automatically be assigned to a specific user based on that user's abilities or their job role based on the parameters that you can quickly define and set.
  • Communication History - Easily view all communication history on a lead. Track inbound and outbound Emails, SMS messages and phone calls.

  • Integration with Adobe Echosign - Lead Capsule CRM is fully integrated with Adobe Echosign. With a single click of a button, you can send a document to Echosign and get your customer to sign your agreements/contracts electronically. An Adobe Echosign account is required to use this feature. For more information on Echosign, please see the Adobe website at

  • Integrated Softphone - Lead Capsule CRM offers an integrated, fully featured, softphone for your CRM users. Our softphone offers:
    • Ability to use a USB headset or desk phone
    • Custom phone numbers for each lead vertical. Phone numbers are offered in all area codes and also in Toll-free numbers, with low monthly subscription, and can be easily added with a few clicks of the mouse.
    • Online/Offline capabilities. Place yourself offline when you are not ready to make or receive calls
    • One click call. Call a lead’s phone number with 1 click of your mouse
    • Advanced call routing. Calls can be routed based on custom filters on lead data, hourly/daily/weekly caps, assignment of the lead (based on caller ID) or CRM user’s online status
    • Voicemail for individual users and for the company or vertical
    • Conference calling with 2 or more callers
    • Warm and blind call transfer
    • Call recordings. All inbound and outbound calls can be recorded. Recordings can be assigned to the lead and even sent to the lead buyer.
    • Low Per-Minute costs for inbound and outbound.
  • Lead Returns - CRM users can be given the ability to accept or reject lead return requests, from your lead buyers, right inside the CRM portal. CRM reps can also return leads to vendors you purchased the lead from. CRM user lead returns can also be queued for supervisor approval

  • Copy CRM - With one click, you can quickly duplicate your CRM while keeping the parameters of the original CRM intact.


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