Bulk Import Leads


Aged leads often produce great results. Lead Capsule allows you to import these aged leads into their corresponding vertical. Our import engine is intuitive and fast; on average our system can import 100,000 records per second. Simply map the fields of your CSV file to the fields of your vertical, click import and start to monetize those aged leads collecting dust. All of the imported leads are scrubbed to prevent duplicates and may be sold in your storefront or called in your CRM.

Key Benefits

  • Import Into Any Configured Vertical – Leads can be imported into their corresponding vertical with a simple selection from a drop down

  • Scheduled Imports - With Lead Capsule, you can schedule your imports to happen automatically. Simply configure your FTP server settings, the frequency of the import, and let Lead Capsule take care of the rest.

  • Import leads on behalf of your vendor – Lead Capsule provides the option to import leads from your own company or from a vendor/vendor campaign. This allows for simple tracking of the lead’s source and any cost associated with the lead

  • Data Appending – During the import process you may choose to append data to leads in your lead bank. This provides an easy way to append additional information to already existing leads

  • Duplicate check – You can choose to exclude duplicates, either in the file or compared against leads already in your Lead Capsule, based on fields configured with duplicate check. i.e. Email, Phone, etc. Duplicate check can also be done on a time frame basis. As in only exclude duplicates if the lead in your Lead Capsule is not older than set number of days

  • Suppression – When importing leads, you may scrub the list of leads against your client’s suppression list or against your global suppression.

  • Map Fields - Lead Capsule import allows you to quickly and easily map the fields, in your import file, with the fields in your vertical. If you import the same type of file on a hourly/daily/weekly basis, you can also save your import mappings, to save time.


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