Bulk Import Leads

Unleash the Power of Aged Leads with Robust Bulk Importing within Lead Capsule:

Transform aged leads into valuable assets with Lead Capsule's efficient bulk importing feature. Our intuitive import engine, capable of processing an impressive 100,000 records per second, allows you to seamlessly bring aged leads into their designated Verticals.

Monetize those untouched leads quickly by mapping CSV file fields to Vertical fields, clicking import, and kickstarting the process of turning those aged leads into revenue. Every imported lead undergoes scrubbing to eliminate duplicates, making them ready for sale to your 3rd party Buyer and/or in your storefront as well as potential delivery into your CRM.

Key Benefits:

  • Import Into Any Configured Vertical – Easily import leads into their corresponding Verticals with a simple selection from a dropdown menu.

  • Scheduled Imports – Schedule your imports effortlessly with Lead Capsule. Configure your FTP server settings as well as import frequency and then let Lead Capsule handle the rest, automating the import process.

  • Import on Behalf of your Affiliate / Vendor – Streamline lead tracking by importing leads from your company or Affiliate / Vendor campaigns. Gain insights into the lead's source and associated costs.

  • Data Appending – Enhance existing leads during the import process by choosing to append additional data. This feature provides a convenient way to enrich your lead bank with supplementary information.

  • Duplicate Checking – Optimize lead quality by excluding duplicates based on configured fields (i.e, based on Email Address or Phone Number) either within the file or compared against existing leads in Lead Capsule. Perform duplicate checks based on a set timeframe to refine the exclusion criteria.

  • Suppression – Prioritize lead quality by scrubbing imported lists against your Buyer's / Client's suppression list or a global suppression list.

  • Map Fields – Simplify and expedite the import process with Lead Capsule's mapping feature. Quickly align fields in your import file with Vertical fields. Save time on repetitive imports by saving and reusing your mappings for consistent efficiency.

Unlock the potential of aged leads with Lead Capsule's Bulk Importing feature, designed for speed, efficiency, and precision. Monetize your untouched leads effortlessly, streamline lead management, and propel your business forward with advanced lead import capabilities.


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