Lead Capsule Lead Delivery Methods

Efficient Lead Delivery with Lead Capsule - A Diverse Range of Real-Time Options:

Maximize the impact of your lead delivery strategy with Lead Capsule's versatile and seamless delivery methods. Whether it's real-time delivery to call centers, third-party CRMs, your own Lead Capsule CRM, custom APIs, FTP servers, or via Email, Lead Capsule ensures swift and effective delivery on a one by one lead basis or in bulk.

Elevate your lead delivery experience by setting up delivery as pre or post paid, offering financial flexibility and control. At Lead Capsule, our user-friendly interface ensures that integrating with your lead buyer's system is a breeze.

With our straightforward setup, you can deliver leads for any vertical within minutes, eliminating the need for hiring a programmer. Elevate your lead delivery game with Lead Capsule's efficient, customizable, and real-time delivery methods.

Real-Time HTTP Post Delivery

Streamline lead delivery to your custom HTTP Post campaign effortlessly. Lead Capsule's real-time HTTP Post campaigns are feature-rich, allowing you to set up caps, advanced filters, custom delivery schedules, lead verification, auto responders as well as control lead exclusivity. Read more

Real-Time XML/SOAP/JSON Post Delivery

Experience real-time delivery excellence with XML, JSON, or SOAP post methods. Lead Capsule's campaigns in this category offer lead caps, advanced filters, custom delivery schedules, lead verification, auto responders, and pre or post-paid options. Maintain control over lead exclusivity effortlessly as well. Read more

Real-Time Email Delivery

Efficiently receive leads in real-time through Email delivery campaigns. Configure time span based delivery caps, lead exclusivity, filters, schedules, lead verification, auto responders, and pre or post-paid settings for a custom tailored lead delivery experience. Read more

Bulk Email Delivery

Optimize your lead delivery strategy with bulk Email delivery. Schedule CSV file deliveries hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly, providing you or your lead buyers with exclusive and/or shared leads. Set up bulk Email delivery campaigns as pre as well as post-paid for added business financial flexibility.
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Bulk FTP Delivery

For those preferring FTP servers, Lead Capsule simplifies the process. Configure FTP server connections with ease and initiate CSV file deliveries on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Configure lead delivery as pre and/or post-paid for seamless transactions. Read more