Lead Verification

Unlock the Power of Valid Leads with Lead Capsule's Real-Time Lead Verification:

At Lead Capsule, we recognize the importance of ensuring the quality and validity of your leads. Our real-time lead verification services empower you to pay only for verified leads, enhancing the efficiency of your lead generation and/or brokering process. Whether you're selling leads to buyers, passing them to your call center, or integrating them into a Lead Capsule CRM, our comprehensive lead data verification options also potentially allow you to append crucial information on the fly.

By leveraging Lead Capsule's real-time lead verification capabilities across these vital dimensions, you gain the assurance that every lead you handle is not only valid, but also enriched with accurate and pertinent data. Elevate your lead quality, streamline your processes, and stay ahead in the dynamic landscape of lead generation with Lead Capsule's Real-Time Lead Verification. 

Email Verification

In the digital age, effective communication hinges on accurate email addresses. Lead Capsule's real-time email verification not only validates the authenticity of email addresses but also provides the flexibility to append additional data instantly if needed. Read more

Phone Verification

A lead with an invalid phone number is essentially valueless. Ensure the validity of your leads with Lead Capsule's real-time phone verification, guaranteeing that the leads you generate, purchase, or sell come with a verified and valid phone number. Read more

Address Verification

Streamline your lead capture process with Lead Capsule's address verification. Verify not only the address and zip code but also append the city and state to your leads. This feature allows you to collect less information on your web forms while maintaining data accuracy. Read more

Name Verification

Combat spam and validate the authenticity of the individuals filling out your web forms with Lead Capsule's real-time name verification. Additionally, our system can append the applicant's gender to your leads, providing valuable insight for targeted communication. 
Read more

IP Address Verification

Doubtful about the origin of your leads from Affiliates/Vendors or outside generators? Utilize Lead Capsule's IP address verification to validate the source. Our system can go a step further by appending details such as the city, state, and country associated with the IP address, ensuring transparency and authenticity in your lead acquisition. Read more