Verify Leads


Lead Capsule's real-time lead verification ensures you are only paying for valid leads. You can also verify leads, before selling them to your lead buyers or passing them to your call center or Lead Capsule CRM. With our different types of lead data verification options, you may also append data to your leads on the fly and pass that information to your lead buyers.

Email Verification

With the importance of Email communication today, knowing your lead's have a valid Email address is paramount. Lead Capsule Email verification can be done in real-time and offers the ability to append data. Read more

Phone Verification

Having a lead with an invalid phone number is worthless. Use Lead Capsule's real-time phone verification to ensure that leads you generate, purchase or sell have a valid phone. Read more

Address Verification

Lead Capsule address verification not only allows you to verify your lead's Address and zip code, but you can also append the address' city and state to your lead. Collect less fields on your web forms with Lead Capsule Address verification. Read more

Name Verification

Getting tons of SPAM through your online forms? Use Lead Capsule's real-time name verification to validate the person filling out your web forms. Lead Capsule can even append the applicant's gender to your lead. 
Read more

IP Address Verification

Purchasing leads from vendors or lead generators but not sure if the lead's are actually being filled out by a person? Use Lead Capsule's IP address verification to verify the IP address. Lead Capsule can even append the city, state and country associated with the IP address. Read more