Lead Generation Software

In today’s market, most companies rely heavily on online lead generation for new customer acquisition. There are numerous strategies for lead generation on the internet including email marketing, banner/display ads, social marketing, SEO, SEM, PPC and telemarketing via call centers.

No matter the method to obtain customer interest in the product or service, the lead is captured via an online form. The Web form will typically include the consumer’s basic contact information in addition to additional fields required to qualify the lead.  Once the lead’s information is entered, it is critical to deliver the lead to a sales person prepared to contact them, answer any questions they may have and close the sale.

Most websites that generate leads have a custom form which is setup to email the lead info when it is generated. This method works fine if there is only one salesman and they are generating leads for themselves. For affiliates, lead generators and lead brokers, this method simply does not work

With Lead Capsule, lead generation and distribution for any lead vertical is a breeze. After you have defined the fields of the data for that vertical, a web form may be generated on the fly. Lead Capsule provides a code snippet which can be easily added to your website. When a visitor of your website fills out an online form, their information is saved in your lead database and distributed to your lead buyers or sales representatives.

In the event you already have a custom form on your website, you can easily configure to post the data to Lead Capsule via Host & Post. Lead Capsule will capture the lead posted and distribute it to your lead buyers and/or sales team.

Often lead brokers do not generate the leads themselves and rely on vendors or publishers to perform the lead generation. In this scenario, you may generate posting specifications to provide to your partners. These specifications will provide your lead partners with the instructions required to send the leads to Lead Capsule.

Lead generation is a critical part of any business. Lead Capsule will capture your leads and distribute them to your buyers to help fully monetize the value of all of the leads generated.