CPL Offers

CPL offers, or Cost Per Lead Offers, are offers where an advertiser pays an affiliate for each lead that is generated by their offer. CPL offers are one of the most common types of offers in the lead industry, as the advertiser does not need to worry about paying for traffic. They only pay when a lead is generated and received. 

Lead Capsule can easily configure CPL offers for your company. Affiliates can either POST the lead to you, from the CPL offers, or send traffic to an easily configured web form, or landing page. With Lead Capsule, you can easily see which CPL offers are working and which ones are not by utilizing Lead Capsule's simple to use reporting.

CPL offers can even further be refined by applying filters, scheduled and pricing structures. With Lead Capsule CPL offers, you never have to worry about paying for a lead that does not meet your criteria.

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