Display Advertising

Display advertising is the use of banner ads, video ads, and other rich media ads to advertise online. This is a very powerful form of advertising due to the fact that rich media ads can be created to almost force the consumer to view them.



The main source of display advertising is Google’s display network. Over 83% of people online utilize this network. Google’s display network has two main components: Google AdSense and Google Adwords. When a website owner enrolls their web property in Google AdSense, goggle will then allow advertisers to advertise on the enrolled web property. For an advertiser to have their rich media and or video ads displayed on a relative website, they will have to create a Google Adwords campaign that targets the display network.



Through Google’s display network advertisers can advertise via multiple formats of video ads, text ads, and or rich media ads of numerous sizes and variations. Furthermore advertisers can target mobile and or regular web properties through the display network.



The advertiser can choose multiple bidding options that include CPC (cost per click), CPM (cost per thousand impressions), or CPV (cost per view for Tru view video ads) Generally CPM campaigns are used for branding purposes and CPC/CPV campaigns are used to entice a direct action by the potential customer.



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