Email List Management

Email lists have become a vital part of any successful marketing strategy. Email list management ensures that companies are maximizing their efforts with their Email list. Proper Email list management is done through import/export of Email lists, proper subscribe/unsubscribe options, bounce management, and automated suppression lists.

Email list management software will provide users with the ability to import and export Email lists. The Email list management import features can include grouping by lists, de-duplication, auto correction of common misspellings of domains and reporting on possible fake or test Emails. Email list management export features can include grouping by lists and filtering, such as retrieving all Email belonging to a specific domain.

In order to stay compliant with SPAM laws, Email list management software must provide subscribers with a proper way of subscribing and unsubscribing from a list. Subscribers basically must have an easy way of telling the company that they no longer want to receive Emails from them. CAN-SPAM compliant Email list management software will include an unsubscribe link, in each Email, that will send the subscriber to a web page where they may opt-out of future Emails or edit their subscription needs. 

Email list management software can also provide bounce management. Bounce management will identify hard and soft bounces and automatically unsubscribe hard bounces and provide reporting on both types.

Suppression lists, in Email list management software, is another feature to keep a company CAN-SPAM compliant. By being able to import suppression lists, and by automatically adding bad Email addresses to these lists.