Lead Nurturing

After a lead generation program has launched successfully the next step is setting up processes for lead nurturing. Depending on the product, service and your company’s usage of the leads generated, the lead nurturing process may vary.

The following are the primary goals with lead nurturing:

      • Maintain the consumer’s interest in the product or service
        Collect additional demographic information
        Determine if there are other relevant products or services to offer
        Determine if there is a market to resell the lead

    Some common practices for lead nurturing include:

    • Sending the lead a monthly newsletter
    • Inviting the lead to follow your product via Social Marketing
    • Placing the lead on a email marketing drip campaign
    • Present incentivized and non- incentivized surveys
    • Setting up re-marketing campaigns via display networks
    • Re-selling leads with an online lead store front

    When done properly, lead nurturing can increase conversion rates, increase your margins, create new ways to monetize your data and lower your cost per acquisition. Some lead generators and lead buyers never put lead nurturing processes in place and ultimately do not fully leverage their leads generated.

    Lead Capsule has many features in place that assist in the lead nurturing process. Schedule a live demo today to determine how our lead nurturing software can automate lead nurturing.