Lead Verification

When working as a lead generator, lead broker or lead aggregator, it is extremely important to verify the leads being purchased and/or sold.  As in most industries, fraud is a big problem. Some lead generators and lead sellers will attempt to sell leads that were generated illegally or are fake leads.

There are multiple lead verification and lead scoring services available to help eliminate the bad leads and access the quality of good leads. Lead verification is typically performed on one or more of the fields in the given lead. Common verifications types include Phone Verification, Email Verification, Address Verification, Name Verification and IP Address Verification.

Depending of the verification method selected, the information is sent to a 3rd party verification system who will analyze the lead and report back whether the lead passed verification. Lead scoring has more features which allow you to specify the quality score the lead must meet in order to pass validation.

With Lead Capsule, users may verify leads as they are posted in to the system via their lead vendors.  Our system will ensure the lead is real and provide a reject notice otherwise. Users may also setup real-time verification to occur prior to selling leads to select clients. This ensures the higest quality of leads for your most important lead buyers.