Lead Verticals

Lead Capsule software is able to help you in any lead vertical you are involved in. Our software, at its core, make separating your lead verticals extremely easy. Each lead vertical carries it own field definitions, lead buyers and lead sellers.

Here are some examples of lead verticals our clients  are using:
  • Payday
  • Education
  • Health Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Auto Finance
  • Auto Insurance
  • New Car Purchase
  • Legal Leads
  • Diabetic Leads
  • Tax Debt Leads
  • Debt Leads

Even though these are some of our top lead verticals, our system allows you to have your very own lead verticals. This means that you can customize your Lead Capsule to meet your lead vertical needs.
Contact us today for a live demo and we will show you how easy it is to configure your lead verticals in Lead Capsule.