Ping / Post Software

Some verticals such as auto finance, auto insurance and new car purchase utilize the ping/post model for lead distribution.

Ping /Post typically begins by the lead generator sending over specific fields of the lead to all prospective buyers. These fields may include the applicant’s social security number, zip code and gross monthly income.

The information pinged is used to determine if the lead buyer already has the lead, has coverage in the zip code and if the applicant salary is enough to service the financing or new purchase. Each potential buyer will return a response indicating whether they want the lead, how much they are willing to pay for it and a reservation ID or Ping ID.

The lead generator will typically select the highest bidder and then post over the complete lead including the original Ping Id received. Once posted the lead buyer will evaluate the entire lead and determine if they still agrees to purchase it.

In the event they accept the posted lead, the process is complete. In the event they reject the lead, the system will sell the lead to the next highest bidder. This process will repeat until it reaches the end of the prospective buyers.

Ping /Post may also be used to determine if prospective buyers in any lead vertical is a duplicate lead. The system will first send over an indentifying field such as a phone number or email address and the receiving system will indicate if it is a duplicate. If the lead is unique, they buyer will return an accept response in which the lead management system will post the complete lead. Using the Ping / Post feature helps prevent buyers from seeing the whole lead prior to accepting it.

Lead Capsule supports many configurations for ping / post. Campaigns can be designed to receive ping and posts from your website or lead vendor and be configured to integrate with you lead buyer’s system. Additional pricing automation may also be configured to ensure you are always maximizing your ROI.