Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is a form of internet marketing that focuses on increasing the visibility of a website within the search engines. Most new businesses fail to realize that although they may have an aesthetically pleasing and functional website that will not equate to revenue without SEM. Search engine marketing strategies include, but are not limited to: search engine optimization (SEO) and online paid advertising.  

Search engine optimization (SEO) essentially means that the website is optimized on and off page with the goal of increasing the natural/organic rankings of the web property. Some SEO strategies include:

Offsite SEO Techniques

  • Relevant Domain
  • Keyword Research
  • Optimized page titles, meta titles, and meta descriptions
  • Extensive relevant unique content with proper keyword density

Offsite SEO Techniques

  • Back links – Having other high PR relevant websites use relevant anchor text back links that point to the website that is being optimized. All of these relevant back links are viewed as a vote by the search engines.


Paid Advertising SEM strategies and available engines

Paid advertising is the act of paying when someone views your ad (CPM) or clicks on your ad (CPC). The main platforms that offer this option are Google Adwords and Bing ads. The major advantage to paid SEM is the simple fact that when your campaign is optimized correctly it can produce immediate results. 

 In summary search engine marketing can be an effective tool geared toward direct sales or lead generation. Get a live demo today and find out how Lead Capsule can help you fully monetize the leads you acquire from SEM or any other source.