SMS Leads

SMS leads are leads that provide an opt-in mobile phone number that can used to send the lead SMS messages. The number of mobile phones is expected to be greater than the entire world population by the year 2014. Through recent studies, it is also known that SMS is the most popular use of mobile phones worldwide. Because of these reasons, getting your company involved in SMS leads is a wise idea.

Lead Capsule's lead management software can be used to tap into this huge market by utilizing our SMS lead features.

SMS leads can be collected through web forms and from SMS lead vendors. Through the use of easy to configure Lead Capsule web forms, users can sign up to receive SMS messages from their computers or mobile phones. Our web forms also provide easy to opt-in methods.

SMS marketing campaigns can be configured with ease. Messages can be customized through the use of verticals and filters. Vertical, or campaign specific phone numbers can also be setup to ensure your SMS leads can be tracked. The SMS lead can also reply to the messages.

SMS can also be used to stay in touch with your leads by sending them alerts, new marketing campaigns and exclusive messages.