Call Centers

Lead Capsule is a full solution for call centers. Call centers can utilize our Customer Relationship Management Software to make and receive calls, as well as manage their leads with ease.

Call centers can route inbound calls to representatives and they can work the leads through Lead Capsule's web based CRM. Leads can be verified and then sold to Lead Buyers with a click of the mouse. Additional information can also be collected, from the inbound call, before it is connected to the call center, to ensure the lead is fully qualified.

Your call center can dial on lead that are imported from spreadsheets, purchased from lead sellers using Lead Capsule's web forms or HTTP Post in. Leads can also manually be created by the call centers, through the CRM web interface.

Call centers can make outbound calls using Lead Capsule's softphone, or by connecting the call to their desk phone. Each call can be tracked and even recorded, with the option to include the recording with the lead.

Call centers can also transfer calls (warm or cold) to the lead buyer's call center.

To find out more about how Lead Capsule can help you streamline your call center, contact us today.