Lead Brokers

Lead Capsule is the perfect solution for lead brokers. With our software as a service, lead brokers can simplify and automate the buying and selling of their leads.

Lead brokers can track their vendor leads and provide them with multiple avenues getting leads to. On the same token lead brokers can also integrate into any type of client system out there.

Lead brokers can choose from Host and Post, Ping/Post, Ping Tree, Email, FTP and other methods of receiving and delivering their leads.
With Lead Capsule, lead brokers are never bound by limitations, as our system is able to support any vertical you are currently brokering leads in. We have many popular verticals, lead brokers are involved in, already predefined. however, we also offer the capability of creating your very own custom verticals.

Lead brokers can also utilize our robust filtering, time frames and verifications options to ensure that the right leads are purchased from the right vendors and sold to the right buyers at the right price.

Contact us today for a live demo and let us show you how Lead Capsule can save you time and money.