Lead Capture

Lead Capsule is the perfect solution for your lead capture needs. Lead capture can be done by creating landing pages with web forms, embedding an easy to build web form to your own website, or by generating a phone number that you can drive traffic to.

Our landing pages and web forms, for lead capture, are very simple to implement through our easy to use admin web portal. With a few clicks of the mouse, your landing page will be ready and you will be on your way to capturing those valuable leads.

If you already have your own website or landing page, and simply need to add a web form to it for lead capture, Lead Capsule can provide you with a simple embed code to add the web form to the body of your web page.

If you are working with voice leads, Lead Capsule can help you capture leads with our call tracking and call routing features.

Lead capture can also be accomplished with our Host and PostPing Post and Ping Tree options.

To learn more about how Lead Capsule can help you with Lead Capture, contact us today.