Data Suppression


Data suppression is an integral part of any lead business. Ensuring that you do not purchase leads which you already have, or leads that you know are no good, will save you tons of time and money. Lead Capsule provides options to suppress data easily. Suppression lists can be imported to your Lead Capsule on a client per client basis or you may upload a global suppression list for your entire company. Data can be suppressed on any identifier type, including phone numbers, Email addresses, social security numbers or any other data set you wish to suppress by.

Key Benefits

  • Easily Import Suppression Lists – With Lead Capsule importing your own suppression list, or one of your client’s suppression lists, is as easy as importing a csv file and selecting the identifier type

  • Multiple Identifier Types – Lead Capsule makes it simple to identify the type of data you are importing for suppression. Choose from phone number, Email address, social security number, HICNs or any other identifier you configure.

  • Client Data Suppression – You may import client specific suppression lists, which only affect that client. Ensure you never attempt to sell a lead to your client that they do not want.

  • Global Data Suppression – If you have a suppression list, which you have built up for your own company, you may import this list with a few clicks of the mouse. Leads that have matching data to your global suppression list will never be accepted into the system, would they come from your web forms, imports or from a vendor post in.

  • Export Suppression Lists – Easily export any of your client’s suppression data for safe keeping.

  • Delete Suppression Data – If you added the incorrect suppression list for your client, or they no longer wish for you to use the list, you can quickly delete the suppression data.